Words from the HeartOver the years, people have sent letters, written blogs and news articles describing what they felt during and up to months after an initial innerdance process and going into a raw food diet. The energy is at times raw, at times sophisticated. 

The sharings speak not only of the accelerated effect Inner Dance has upon our minds and bodies, but it ironically also slows down our thinking process on integrative spirituality. Most of the following events took place with little thought, preparation and expectation. They take place in an environment of flow, freedom, trust and letting go. Here are just a few words from the Heart.

“It gave me my first glimpse of liberation. The first time after a very long time when I felt more than just what the word happy can describe. I used to think that this is not possible as life is meant to be endured; and then, you die and that is when all suffering will cease.”
– Lurdz, Manila

“I feel that innerdance plants seeds in my consciousness. I seem to comprehend certain truths deep in my psyche during it. I’ve had some incredible moments where I realize I was stroking my own face, a gesture of tender love, and I started sobbing like a child because I did not know how to love myself. As I am writing this now, recalling the moment, tears are welling up in my eyes. I wasn’t destructive to my body or anything, but the my self-doubt is so deep. It’s hard to explain because it was like my inner spirit was telling me, it’s okay, I love you – yet it was my physical body affirming this, on its own accord. that there is no separation, and that i am a divine being.”
– Ruby, Singapore

“innerdance was an expression of an ancient divinity that sits in the ebbs of my soul, waiting to be retrieved through the many lifetimes of forgetting. It was a chance to be finally who I am – crazy. And if I’m not crazy, that’s not normal. I close my eyes and I remember. The fragments come into wholeness. In that crazy bliss-like chaos, I remember and then the brick wall called ego just breaks.”
– Sasha, Singapore

“innerdance to me is a conversation between my little self (the one that crosses the street and has a passport), my higher self (my built-in guardian angel) and the Divine, which is all selves and also an ocean of un-self. It is an iterative abstraction, insisting on further deconstruction, further dissolution, until what is left is not a pile of demolished parts but a glimpse at the fabric of the whole as it exists beyond ego and the projection of the personality. I think that what it can offer the world is the chance to dance with the things we have been taught by society are the most fearful: death, pain, suffering, non-existence, the void, and insanity. The chance to dance with these things gives us the chance to recognize that we are built, as human manifestations of spirit, to dance with our basic natures rather than fear them and hide from them.

It is impossible not to see oneself as a reflection of the divine in this way, because when we drop into the dance we drop into the infinite, of which there are infinite manifestations, and we are special and also not-special as one of these manifestations, appearing briefly and then disappearing, a magical madness that is essentially a showcase of the pattern of being that gives us simultaneously individual and collective consciousness.”
 – Kelly, Vietnam

“innerdance to me is a process of looking within. You get to understand what it is you are going through, why you are going through this and what exactly has happened. It is not an easy path yet it can be quite rewarding if you do the work. I am really blessed none the less to have been brought to this process, my soul was yearning and my heart took the leap and here we are today. My community is big because I choose to look beyond the veil beyond the pain and give when I can give – to some a fault yet this is my natural disposition -and I have been judged, criticized, abhorred and abused, yet in the end of it all I made my bed. Now I lay in it, but in the end I still found a way to move through it. They say wisdom is simply healed pain and through pain you can create the most amazing beauty around you.” –
Dani, Manila

“I am doing the innerdance almost everyday. It became part of a routine. It just surprises me that every day, it’s a different movement. The complex dance moves are outstanding, coming from a frustrated dancer like myself. I have seen surreal colors while my eyes are closed. I have been having vivid dreams. I have been conscious about almost everything. I see people as divine beings capable of great things. I see that the material world is becoming irrelevant everyday. Ordinary things suddenly amazed me. No prejudices. Everything became clearer.”
– Darby, Pampanga“I was dancing with the wind. I was singing with the wind. I knew something beautiful was happening. I was expurgating locked emotions. I was connecting to the deepest side of me. I was conversing to the part of me I have hidden for the longest time. I was reconnecting to my whole being. I knew a different kind of healing has begun.”
– Daisy, Cebu, in lovingabundance.com

“It was a major catharsis. The release of trapped energies healed my lower back pain which had been torturing me for more than 10 years! For me, innerdance is the language of the spirit, beyond words and description. You will run out of words to comprehend this language. It is freedom from bondage in all levels of my existence.”
– Angelito, Manila

“As I was still seated, something was building up inside causing me to do a full back bend, yet so balanced, stretching my very weak lower back which did not even hurt at all but instead relieved the pain. What a healing experience for me! An overwhelming feeling of unconditional love, joy and peace filled every part of me as I continued to move, following the magnetic energy that swayed my body in a dance.”
– Celine, Manila

“…without any warning at all, my negative memories attacked me. Memories from when I was still four years old. All negative memories resurfaced. I freaked out. I was in a trance. And I was crying like hell.

I was still moving! I couldn’t stop! I was moving fast, and slow, and fast, and slow. And I stopped. Someone from behind was holding me. And then the guiding fingers were back again. I was then laid on the floor. Then my body fell on the floor with a slight thud. And that was it. The negative memories came back once again, but I no longer cried. I just looked at them like they were stills on a frame against the wall. Memories of challenges I faced before. Scars that bled like hell but now are healed.

Something beautiful happened. It’s hard to explain. All I know is, I came face to face with tidbits from my past last night.”
– Iya, Mindanao

“it was an all-encompassing, nurturing, warm energy that suddenly filled my emptiness and made me realize that I could ground myself in this love; along with it, came the healing of my back which has been bothering me all my life.

It was very deep, opening up to me, a series of insights amazing but so quiet, so discrete, no loud trumpets blaring, colors blazing but all the more, I know something very significant had happened.”
– Agnes Prieto, Palawan

“I suffered from a slip disc due to a motorcycle accident and I came across the Inner dance healing session and decided to give it a go. In about 1 hour, the back pain, tinkling and numbing sensation felt on my left feet due to back injury was healed. It is truly amazing. Just believe and dance the pain away.”
– Chong How Cheong, Singapore

“I felt so much more clarity and I found answers to questions I didn’t want to confront in myself before. Now I don’t fear me or the power I have in myself. The benefits of Innerdance were life-altering for me.”
– Angie, Manila

“Never before had I appreciated my body so. Never before had I seen and felt it to be so beautiful and strangely new. And I cried during my dances because I was pleading for forgiveness. I was asking forgiveness from my body, because I had been a fool. I neglected it too much. I belittled and downgraded and degraded and tortured it too much. But it’s beautiful. It’s been beautiful all this while and I can’t believe that I am only seeing this now.

My body is still shaking, trembling, seeking for another earthquake. And my eyes have been welling up in appropriate and inappropriate times and places. There will be more cathartic moments, I know. There are still so much to be danced out.

But I am willing. I surrender everything to a whole new becoming.”
– Jenny, New York

“Like a glistening fire in the hearth, innerdance is transforming my life from mundane to meaningful. Like tranquil waters of the hot springs, it is doing so not abruptly but with much grace. In my previous writings about innerdance, an image drawn of my learning and experiences is a storybook unfolding. It is similar to a black veil slowly dissolving, shedding light to the interconnectedness of my actions and your thoughts, of my thoughts and your actions. The Oneness of our collective consciousness and behavior. As each catharsis peels away yet another layer of the Ego, every dance that follows reveals the Essence of Sacred Self. I reclaim my Sacred Self. No step wasted. Here and now, the real inner work begins…”
– Joanne, Manila

“I felt as if my hands and arms were being pulled to certain directions as if by a magnet. I allowed myself to follow the tug and I found myself moving to the sound of music. I felt joy and a sense of gratitude. My whole body and mind, expressing that joy and gratitude… I felt that I was just priming up to a crescendo when I heard a soft whisper, “Take a deep breath.” And I woke up as if from a dream. All eyes were on me.

Later, I came to know, or so the others told me, that I danced so well and so gracefully. What I do know for sure was the awesome joy and powerful sense of being one with God. What I do know was that I wanted the feeling and the movement to continue on and on.”
– Serj, Tagaytay

“I realized on the bus that being in a real heightened state of awareness does not take us away from everything else, but allows us to remain where we are but at the same time perceiving the world in ways that we never imagined or more accurately, in ways that we have forgotten. We perceive things, people, life, energies, as they truly are with greater care, with greater sensitivity, with greater insight that we have allowed ourselves to be distracted from.”
JP, Manila

“I have seen an improvement in my psoriasis. It doesn’t itch as much before and the affected areas are starting to look better. Psoriasis doesn’t completely heal overnight, it takes time. But I have felt the change in my condition after the program . . . little that I know, that it is not only my skin disease which changed, I changed.

After spending 5 days in Palawan, there was a change in me and it is not just physical. I am not the same person who went to Palawan, I am a different person now. . . a better me. I have learned how to listen to my body. I have learned how to be conscious of what I eat . . . though at times, I still fall back to old habits. I am not the shopaholic that I was before, I only buy what I need. An awareness has been passed on to me, of the energy within me and the universe’s and how these energy relates to our life experiences. . . . for all these changes, I am grateful!!!”
– Donna, Manila

“innerdance has become a part of my daily ritual. It has affected the other dimensions of my life. I feel my life is falling apart, and at the same time is falling into place. It’s hard. It’s totally rearranging my life, or maybe not, but it has been here helping me with the transition. It hasn’t only taught me to dance and heal, but has made me sensitive/aware of the way I think, speak and act. If not for anything else, it has shown me direction. It has transformed the I in me, to Us and We.”
– Hernan, Manila

“I felt a voltage of electricity from a very strong powerhouse enter my spine and spread all over my body.

Then the body succumbed to the flow of energy from somewhere and someone unknown…flashes of colors and forms came from behind a black backdrop—yellow, blue, green, circles, fingers caressing the wind and touching the water.

For several times, too, I saw myself roll, crawl and rest in childlike curls that are followed by elaborate flings and swishes of the arms and legs, the latter I can barely lift for lack of muscle flexibility training. For how can I also explain my almost 10-minute self-beating of the legs and chest that created a rhythm so pleasant to listen to that I felt like I was a human percussion instrument.

While the body was spontaneously dancing, doubt was forgotten and fear was never felt. There was an overflowing feeling of bliss like the unexplainable force was comforting and assuring that everything will be alright.

And I ended the almost three-hour dance with a strange feeling of lightness, unscathed or hurt.”
– Jeff Tupas, Philippine Daily Inquirer

“What happened next is beyond what I’ve ever experienced my whole life. I was instantly in alpha state, seated there for what seemed like an eternity, in timelessness, transported to another realm—half-aware where I was & that there are people around me, yet, not conscious at all that they’re around! I wasn’t even conscious I was there–like it’s me, yet it wasn’t me, like it’s beyond me..

I didn’t talk much after that, went home half-dazed trying to relish the experience.
That day, something so genuine, so important, so healing, & cosmic awoke in me–I had borne, & was born into, something utterly yet unutterably magnificent!”
– Chato, Manila

“It was a mind-blowing experience … to be swept with overwhelming joy, and be in blissful ecstasy for hours, without the use of any external source, is an experience that must be had every waking moment. It’s an experience so valuable that it must be shared with all.”
– Troy, Manila

“My hands started to tremble, and jerk–to an irregular beat all on their own. My arms, planted firmly on the floor, started to sway, in no fixed direction left, right, round, up, down. I was mesmerized, transfixed (even with my eyes still closed) by the flow, by the loss of control which was still, weirdly enough, controlled. I felt little snaps of electricity traveling from my elbows to the tips of my fingers, as if something was slowly being released into the world and beyond. There was a lightness I felt, although I was still very connected to my body. All I could comprehend in this in-between state was that something had opened up within that allowed me to see into another dimension of myself, one that acknowledged an inner life force that had long been dormant.”
– Katrina, Philippine Daily Inquirer

“After I stopped trying to explain what was happening, I found myself filled with peace. God is love and that is all that matters, a voice seemed to be saying (or maybe that was just me). I felt myself sending love to the people I know and to the rain-drenched city I saw from the penthouse window. I’ve looked up the Internet and tried to find a “logical” explanation for what happened—hypnosis, kundalini rising, Tibetan spinning dance, whirling dervishes? I even went to a pranic healer.

To date, I still have not found an acceptable, rational explanation. What I do know is that I felt and continue to feel God’s presence more acutely after I experienced the Inner Dance. I guess this outcome is more important than finding the cause.”
– Kay, The Freeman Newspaper, Cebu

“The Kali-Pi-Mu experience is sacred. It launches initiates into an acceleration of spiritual development, which includes processes of purification and profound transformation.”
– Troy, Philippine Daily Inquirer

“My hand started moving and then energy went up my right arm. It was just floating and dancing of its own accord as if it had its own mind. A few minutes later, Pi touched my left arm, and there it was, freely floating and dancing in a choreographed piece with my right arm. They were both just rolling, curling, floating, drifting, bending backwards and forwards with a will of their own. I was fully aware that they were doing this, yet my mind, being in a trance state, couldn’t have manipulated the action. I really felt like I was being guided. The energy around my hands and fingertips was palpable…I could feel it swirl around my arms and hands, like a chicane enveloping my arms in its ciage. It was a beautiful experience….one of freedom and interestingly enough, at the same time, one of connection.

The energy around me just exploded … whole, full, like a big ball of energy surrounding me and working with me … tears came to my eyes, I felt an insurmountable feeling of love…what the cliche “my cup runneth over” describes. Then I knew and felt that the energy wasn’t individuated, it wasn’t separate from my being. The energy was me, I am the source, and it flows from me.”
– Eli Abella, Canada

“The energy was positively electric and I remember thinking right after the experience that that was not just energy. Energy would be too small a word for it. What I felt there was sheer power. No other word for it but that. For that brief period in time, I felt positively and utterly powerful. The feeling was so intense, I got a bit scared that I was going to explode. Doesn’t make any sense to me, but it just was like that. Towards the end of the evening, I also began seeing colors around me. For the first time in my life, I saw what I believe to be the auras of people in the room. White lights, yellows, a shade of green, a tinge of pink, and a pulsating light source flickering around the room. I do not know exactly what those things mean. All I know is that I saw them.

My inner dance experience was like a reminder of what is important in my life. It was an awakening of my real self which I have kept hidden away from the world for so long. It was a celebration of the life force that lay dormant inside me. It was a rebirth of sorts. An awareness that I have what it takes to change my life and perhaps touch those around me within my grasp all along. I have it within my power to be change and affect change. I have the capability to be a medium of light and love in this world. I have within me the tools I need to achieve my personal utopia.”
– Ronabeth, Manila

“I was moved to go for a healing workshop – an innerdance yesterday. There was a subtle force to bring me there. Perhaps, you had observed for all conditions to be favorable for me and opened the path to walk my life ahead significantly.Throughout the whole session, not only that I felt the presence of light around, there was a constant voice – through the people around. The message kept repeating from the beginning to the end of the session.”

‘In the pursuit of peace and the joy that we seek in life, we cannot be pulled by people who choose – either consciously or unconsciously, to drag away our growth with them. When time had been given, with all the intention to move forward in ONE consciousness, we have to leave those that are not nested in the multidimensional realities for our next waves of energy’.”
– Kesther, Singapore

“I felt… such a wellspring of love. A love I felt ought to be shared by all.
I felt… myself crying.

Yet I danced. Cried. Danced. And the feeling of utmost serenity settled on me… Lights of all colors danced before my eyes. I hear the roars of tides, the sighs of the stars, the whispers of the winds, the yells of the storms, the cries of babies, the conversations of humans, the yips of animals… and these all formed one music which compelled me to dance.”
– Michal, Dumaguete

“Yesterday, after the session, two friends passed a remark that there is a change in my tone. They felt a joy tone emoting from my speeches even though I thought that I was acting my normal self. I was very conscious of the presence of this energy [at that two separate occasions] and it guided my mental, throat and heart faculties.

I suddenly felt my body [perhaps my soul] bouncing. It sent me a flighty vertigo feeling for a short while.

I am still wrapped with this awesome feeling.”
– Kesther, Singapore

“I feel light, I feel love, I feel free. Inner dance is a rebirth to me. I feel so grateful. Inner dance enables me to be more centered and balanced. An inner strength grows fast when I touch the fragile in the dance. Joy fills me. Everything seems so simple. Each movement happens at the right time, at the right place, to be in harmony with others and the surrounding. Whatever is happening, it seems to be flowing.”
– Elodie, France

“Then it came.  A subtle energy filled my arms, like a garden hose filling up with water at a turn of the faucet.

Mind gaps occurred, my inhibitions shattered, then my arms moved on its own now, while my body moved in synch to the tune of an inner song, dancing to the beat of an inner dance. This is soul-in-expression. A mystical communication between you and your higher self wherein the soul talks, and you respond with movement. Though, this is not like our normal conversation in which we speak only after the other finished talking, this communication happens simultaneously. As your soul talks, you reply at the same time in a seamless stream of conscious understanding with your soul and yourself. This movement is not a cause, but an effect of the union with your long lost inner essence. The real you. Your higher self.”
– Chris, Manila

“I have never before in my life done any dancing and so never knew I have this gift of Inner Dance. It was very beautiful, witnessed by my inner eyes, reflecting the divinity within me. It affirms and proves my divinity, my I AM! I really danced from my soul!”
– Dechen, Singapore

“For me, it represents the missing aspect of practical spirituality I was searching for to help elevate mass human consciousness above petty materialism, a universally accessible raising of awareness that can embrace the ecology of our planet, a potential and actual force to help us return to simplicity, basic goodness and our authentic individual beauty.”
– Dr. Nick Smith, England

“With innerdance my inhibitions, fears, stress and pent-up emotions that have been compacted in my body for years were coaxed to move and flow out naturally. I cried, wailed, screamed and ‘vomitted’, and when I came out of the session, I thought, ‘This is so unlike me.’ What a good release!”
– Tara, Singapore

“I was drenched in perspiration and couldn’t believe what we went through. I was still shaking and couldn’t stop it, maybe it was excess energy that wasn’t expelled, I don’t know. All I know is that it was a very powerful experience… and it still is. While I was writing this, I had to stop before finishing the previous sentence because I broke down to tears, I sobbed. It took me a while to get a hold of myself, I don’t know the reason why I cried, I just did. Yesterday while I was looking out my window and saw the beautiful trees and thought of the destruction we’re bringing to them while they were put here on earth to help us, has also filled my eyes with tears. I don’t know what’s happening, maybe it’s the change I am seeking.”
– Hernan, Manila

“Simplicity is at the heart of it all, enabling us to stay connected to our inner self as we continue the dance.”
– Agnes, Town and Country Magazine

“I only had a banana at 5 p.m. before going to Ma-I Space. I arrived there past 7 p.m. We began dancing just before 8 p.m. The dance session ended nearly 11 p.m. Surprisingly, I was not hungry or that thirsty after around three hours of movement and other things unexpected.”
– JP, Manila

“I learned a lot from just being simple. Inner dance is really a journey inward. The raw food diet, inner dance exercises, quieting of the mind are all tools to release mind/body/spirit from so-called blockages. With this release, I have more energy and am now more mindful and aware—ready to listen and see the signs that will help me toward a healthy, happy life…filled with peace from within.”
– Rosan, Manilla

“I think my first innerdance did something because I could feel this tension rising up in my spine. On the second day after the session, I was curled up in bed with this unbearable pain. And then I felt it rise up my crown and I heard a pop as if a thousand lights burst in my head. I fell asleep and woke up like a new born.

In the beginning of my awakening process, I slowly shed off the hold I had on the material, and the dance marked my final good bye to it. Immediately after that, new opportunities just keep on coming in. It made me realize that new energy cannot come in unless you make space in your life by letting go of the old patterns that no longer serve you.

I flew back to Cebu transformed. I gave up cigarettes, an addiction I was nursing for eight years. It was hardly my effort though, being so close to nature and being around people with such positive vibe the last thing in your mind is to want to smoke. You just want to bathe in the beauty and the love around you. It’s been two weeks now since my last cigarette and yes once in while I find myself craving for a stick. What I do is breathe in pranic energy around me and the craving is gone in a minute.”
– LJ, Manila

“innerdance has permeated into my family life, my work, my whole life. It has affected the way I treat my husband, my son, my relatives, clients, opposing parties, everyone I meet, even strangers on the plane and the MRT. In a good way, obviously. My old lawyer’s mind would probably still not make sense of any of these. If I told this story to a judge, he would probably think I had lost it. Whatever. Those things are irrelevant now. All I know is that God is love and that is all that matters.”
– Kay, Manila

“Right then and there I was affirmed that there is truly this energy that works through innerdance. And this healing energy is not our own, it does not come solely from us—the participants, whether healer or healee. The energy comes from somewhere else, and somehow we are just being conduits through which this energy can flow.”
– Orlan, Manila

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