My name is Pi. The process started with a gentle story of awakening that I could only watch as a powerful energy took over everything I knew to be rigid, into what flowed as a vast and fluid intelligence that runs through us all. I am grateful for those with so much courage that allowed me to see what the many faces of truth look like from the heart’s authentic pulsations.

I was born in Manila where I initially lived for most of my life, except for when I resided in the US during my senior year as a High School exchange student in Iowa State. After pursuing a marketing degree in the University of Asia and the Pacific, I went straight into corporate life, setting myself up for extreme busyness in advertising, marketing, public relations, events management, travel and finance.

I eventually left this world at the age of 25 on a pilgrimage for meaning and significance, in the hope of bringing about a contextual and universal understanding of the world’s anxieties and stress, starting from what I might personally find in the spirit of the personal vision quest. I had no money, and I did not inform any of my family or friends, waking up one moment where I simply walked away from all known comforts, in a state of absolute trust.

The pilgrimage led to a synchronistic year of walking across many parts of the spacious island/s of Mindanao, intuitively discovering aspects of self, spirituality, science, nutrition, culture, ecology, learning and healing that was largely inaccessible in the crowdedness of Manila. The affirmations that I had chosen a purpose-filled pathway arrived daily, in the guidance of dreams and visions that had been coming to me since 2001, visions that spoke of change, community, collaboration and living in the heart.

After almost a year in Mindanao, I settled in the island group of Palawan, finding a place of refuge and perspective called Kalipay Beach in Boayan Island, a  mostly deserted project that was owned by a spiritual artist group from San Francisco.  Here in this place, I was given the most compassionate of spaces where I might return to the origins I had sought so much to find within – the realms of insight.

Here, daily meditations living mostly on a mono-raw food diet of coconuts brought about heightened states of consciousness which at that time, were understood through linkages between body, mind and heart – though unexplainable through left-brained logic systems. In this time, I was subjected to the uncovering of how to access internal sources of energy as a system that brought about change in myself and later, in the tens of thousands of kindred  souls I shared this energy with, hailing from more than 60 nationalities.

Simply, I found myself confidently returning to society with a capacity to assist in the healing/integration of physical ailments, mental and emotional blockages and spiritual deconstruction. Considering I had never formally trained in any single modality or like discipline in the past, brought about much understanding of this energy not as something that I facilitated, but more of a natural tendency for change that takes place when very specific mental, physical and emotional conditions were set internally and externally in a supportive natural environment.

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