I’ve been working on a book project since 2013. It’s been difficult to document in the written word what’s been happening in and around me so that I could follow up on my promise to come up with the subsequent volumes for my first book, Conscious Trance, which was released in 2012. My laptop is scattered with casual and serious attempts. Many-a-loose-leaf notebook in my rooms fossilized such efforts on their sedimentary pages.

I’ve spent this July 2017 traversing a bunch of old audio and writings, coming up with new ones, an energetic descent into a holographic ball made of a Hall of Mirrors. That which has been speaking to me is now on 17 audio files that go in a circular journey that eats its own tail. I feel this is the way for me to fully enter into an actual silence into the fullness. I now live as a disembodied voice through this shared channel I share through this Book Two.

Thank you for seeing what has been speaking through my own version of this work as I let it all go to step away into an internalization of it all, stepping into the many nexts.​

Any simple donations for this book project will be crowdsourced to a ground-based project that mirrors the many elements spoken about in this book. It banks and emerges global insights surrounding the innerdance energy school (ides) in a living library process that we’ve been seeing since 2012. The ides is ideally a garden I started in Kalipay Beach in 2006. Now, it’s also a virtual garden; a seven-layered mandala process that helps to coordinate the Global Ecovillage Network in Asia (GENOA), the Self-Health Empowerment Movement (SHEM) in the Philippines, the Emergence Convergence, One World Bearing Witness and innerdance global. All of this grounds in Maia Earth Village where, for now, I will be a quiet gardener preparing spaces for communion where I hope to meet you one day.

Visit the Maia Earth Village website – here you can also make a donation to support Maia’s projects AND receive access to Pi’s audiobook along with several other gifts that might accompany your donation. 

To receive access to the book, we are asking for energy exchanges in humble or generous amounts that might help us maintain the valuation of energy birthed through this audiobook project.  The suggested minimum donation for the audiobook is $25. 
Access to the book files will be given after we receive confirmation of donation.  Due to the large file size for these audio files, the book is currently being housed on google drive.  You will need a valid gmail account to access the audiobook through google drive.  Please provide us with an email address that we can use to link you to these files after we receive your donation.
Donations can be sent directly to our PayPal account – [email protected]
Please include a note specifying that your donation is for the Audiobook (Book Two).** 
​You can also make donations by direct bank transfer to the following account:

Please also feel free to let us know who you are, how you heard about the book, what your interests are in receiving it and if you have/have not attended an innerdance energy school process with Pi.  Thank you!

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